Matthew D.Harris, Ph.d.
Matthew D.Harris, Ph.D. Federal Agent, Author, Researcher

About Matt.

A veteran federal law enforcement officer for nearly two decades, U.S. Special Agent Matthew D. Harris, has become a recognized leader in the federal law enforcement community. He has published one of the only research-based studies on the topic of Inspector General oversight. He has an extensive background with hundreds of federal arrests, wiretaps, affidavits and search warrants, and has garnered many professional awards. He has attended various prestigious leadership institutes, and holds the prestigious titles of CFE, (Certified Fraud Examiner) and CIG, (Certified Inspector General). Law Enforcement Harris’s background stems from his extensive federal law enforcement experience, having worked in the fields of inspector general, forensic audits and investigations, and tactical federal law enforcement for more than 19 years. He currently serves as a Senior Special Agent for the Office of Inspector General for the United States Postal Service. Prior to his work there, he worked as Assistant Director of Criminal Investigations for the Government Accountability Office on the Forensic Audit and Investigative Service. Some of his major investigations have included Medicare fraud, federal security and transportation vulnerabilities, and uncovering waste fraud and abuse with potential weaknesses within the H1B Visa programs. Harris has also held leadership roles as a Special Agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, ATF, and worked for the former Immigration and Naturalization Service, INS. Prior to joining the federal ranks, Harris worked for the Office of Inspector General for the State of New York. Research Harris has an extensive background in fraud mitigation, including work both on the ground as a field agent conducting undercover operations, and as a manager for teams of more than 60 people who ultimately reported their findings to Congress. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration with emphasis in Public Administration. His recent study, “Inspectors General: Exploring Lived Experiences, Impediments to Success and Possibilities for Improvement” is one of the few analysis ever conducted on the IG experience. His research has recently been featured in various national publications. He also holds a Master of Public Administration with emphasis on Inspector General from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Involvement In addition to his role as a federal agent, Harris serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland University College and as a consultant and advisor to the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Inspector General program. He is a regular panelist and lecturer for the Association of Inspectors General Institute. He also served for three years as the President of the Washington, DC chapter of the Association of Inspectors General. During his free time, Matthew enjoys travel and spending time with his wife, his two children and his golden retriever at their home outside of Denver, Colorado

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